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HK’s Leading Provider of Company and Executive Gifts

Promote a positive public image and increase your brand visibility with quality products from TheSunnyGift. We are a leading supplier of company gifts in Hong Kong and can boast an extensive range of high quality gifts ranging from executive quality leather wallets, gadgets and electronics, to novelty items, stationary, and homewares. Our strength is not just in the variety but in the quality and affordability of our products as well. We’ve worked hard to find vendors who are capable of offering high quality gifts at the lowest possible price so that we can pass on these savings to our clients.
State of the art promotional products to raise your public profile
Executive gifts have long been a popular marketing technique used by small and large business alike to raise their public profile, boost sales, and create positive brand associations. Some of the benefits of giving company gifts include:
  • Positive public image: Gifts not only increase the visibility of your brand, they also help to attach positive associations to your brand. As presents connote generosity, goodwill, and thoughtfulness, giving them leads customers to attach these associations to your brand.
  • Cost effective marketing: Investing in executive gifts is surprisingly cost effective compared with other traditional forms of marketing. This is because the cost per impression price of promotional products is substantially lower.
  • Increased sales: Customers who receive corporate gifts are likely to spend more money with you as they are more likely to perceive your products as being good value for money.
  • A loyal customer base: Giving an already loyal customer extra incentive to shop with you may seem counterintuitive but studies show loyal customers will buy your products and services more frequently if they receive a gift.
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To find out more about the executive product range we have available, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Hong Kong office.