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Recommended Products

Recommended Products

Premium Company Gift Supplier in HK

TheSunnyGift is proud to assist the corporate sector with all their promotional needs. As a leading HK based supplier of promotional gifts, we strive to go the extra mile for our clients, thoroughly researching all of our vendor options to ensure we offer premium products at the best possible price. Our company’s reputation has left to us working with many high profile enterprises and well as innumerable small businesses who rely upon our services to increase their market visibility and remain competitive.
Want to promote your brand and build a loyal customer base? Company gifts are the answer
As a supplier with some thirty years of industry experience, we are well versed in the potential of promotional gifts. There are numerous benefits associated with distributing branded products amongst your business partners, staff, or customers which are amplified if the products you happen to be giving are of premium quality. Some of the advantages of giving a company gift include:
  • Cost effective marketing: Although giving away products for free seems like an expensive exercise, it is actually an incredibly affordable way to put your company’s name out there. Studies have shown that the ‘cost per impression’ rate of gifting is substantially lower than traditional marketing methods such as print and television.
  • A loyal customer base: Clients who receive a branded product are more likely to reorder and do so more quickly than those who do not. Giving them something also shows that you appreciate their custom.
  • Increased visibility: The key to effective marketing is building positive associations, and what better way to do this than by giving a gift? Reusable products can double your visibility as they are seen not only by the client but by other potential customers when it is used.
  • More sales: Studies have shown that customers who receive a gift will spend more with the company as it encourages to see their products or services as value for money.
  • A positive public image: Presents connote generosity, goodwill and thoughtfulness and giving them will cause the recipients to attach these values to your brand.
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If you are interested in any of the premium products you see featured on this page, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Hong Kong office.